Vacuum Pump Rebuilding & Reconditioning

Rebuilt. Reconditioned. Refurbished. Remanufactured. Repaired.

Vacuum Pump Rebuilding & Reconditioning

Vacuum Pump Rebuilders is equipped to remanufacture rotary vane and rotary piston vacuum pumps from small 5 CFM Kinney pumps to the largest 850 CFM Kinney or 728 CFM Stokes pumps.  Our trained technicians will repair your vacuum pump regardless of the manufacturer.

All pumps sent in for repair are completely disassembled and cleaned in our high temperature, high pressure aqueous cleaning machine.  In the event your pump requires additional cleaning we will bake it in one of our ovens to make sure all the residue is completly removed.  

Stokes 615 blower seal installation Stokes615 Cleaned Lobes
Kinney KDH-130 Disassembly


Vacuum Pump Remanufacture:

  • Complete Pump Disassembly
  • High temperature, high pressure acqueous cleaning
  • Inspection and all wear areas measured against OEM specifications
  • Inspection report and detailed scope of work provided
  • Upon approval, your pump will be scheduled for remanufacturing
  • Bearings replaced
  • Seals replaced
  • Gaskets replaced
  • O-rings replaced
  • Exhaust valves replaced
  • Valve springs replaced
  • V-belts replaced.
  • Solenoid coil replaced.
  • Pump Reassembly
  • Pumps tested for ultimate vacuum, pumping speed, and decibel levels
  • 48 hours of comprehensive testing
  • Pumps are painted
  • Pumps prepared for shipping


Other parts replaced as required upon approval for an extra charge, including: hinge bars, center spacer, piston slides, eccentrics, shaft, shaft shoulder rings and valve bases.

Standard Turnaround is 2 weeks from customer approval

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Anest Iwata

We are now an Authorized Distributor of Anest Iwata dry scroll pumps!

Anest Iwata Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump


We specialize in providing high quality rebuilt vacuum pumps that are affordable and dependable. More...


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